We know that every affiliate is different; Because each affiliates brings to the table a different set of tools, a different audience and a unique proposition and vibe, we want to offer you the program that will benefit you and your audience to the max!

In all our programs, we offer 30% of the sale price as a bonus. You choose how to divide these 30% between your commission and your audience's discount.

Choose this program if you believe you can get the most sales using a larger discount for your audience while making 10% commission on sales

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Choose this program if you prefer to split the 30% bonus equally between you and your audience so you make 15% while they get a 15% discount

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Choose this program If you have PRO skills and you prefer to keep the full 30% bonus as commission with no added discount on products

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Customer Service:

Do you have any questions or just want to hear more? You can contact us through here or by email at support@therykerbag.com